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Integrating Closed-Loop Quality of Hire Measures with Crosschq Analytics

Understanding how quality of hire affects your business outcomes depends on choosing the correct measures for an accurate picture of how they perform..

Quality of Hire

Talent Pipeline Automation With Crosschq Recruit

Is your organization struggling to build a talent pipeline? A pool of qualified potential applicants who are open to a change in employment and..

Talent Acquisition


Recruiting Automation

Six Things Your Talent Acquisition Technology Needs To Do

Is your organization using talent acquisition technology to streamline better hiring processes? Talent acquisition technology can help you automate..

Talent Acquisition

How Human Intelligence Hiring Is Key to Building a Great Workforce

Building the perfect workforce in today's evolving labor market is more challenging than ever. Advances in artificial intelligence (AI) have taken..

Talent Acquisition

human intelligence hiring

Crosschq Analytics


Filling Your Candidate Pipeline With Quality Candidates: A Look at Crosschq Recruit

Are you experiencing challenges in sourcing qualified candidates, especially from high-demand talent pools? According to the LinkedIn Global..

Talent Acquisition


AI Recruiting vs Human Recruiters

Employee recruitment is a crucial activity for any successful business. In a competitive hiring market, finding efficient, cost-effective recruitment..

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Human Factor

Human Resources


Automating These 5 HR Tasks Delivers the Biggest Impact

The human resources department of a company is a critical part of every employee's professional lifecycle from initial contact through retirement or..

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