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Staff Writer

How to Use Data-Driven Talent Acquisition and Analytics to Improve Quality of Hire

See how data-driven talent acquisition leverages analytics on past hires to improve future hiring decisions and improve quality of hire across your organization.

Talent Acquisition

Quality of Hire

Data and Analytics

Employee Spotlight: Migue Maldonado

Crosschq celebrates diverse, winning teams, including our own. Meet Migue Maldonado, Sr. Engineer, and see what makes him so special.

People & Culture

5 Training and Development Opportunities That Will Encourage Employees To Stay Long-Term

Employee training and development is both beneficial and crucial to future-proof your workforce. See 5 top L&D opportunities that will keep employees wanting to stay long-term.

Employee Retention

Employee L&D

How to Tell if You Are Setting Unrealistic New Job Expectations

Do you have issues with new hire retention? Are your newly hired employees quitting before the 30 or 45 day mark? You might have set unrealistic job expectations.

Job Expectations

How to Build a Data-Driven Recruiting Team

Data-driven recruitment starts within your organization, by building a collaborative hiring team focused on what data tells them about potential hires.


Crosschq Data Polls: Would You Rather Have Someone Who Has Skills or Passion for the Job You're Recruiting?

Every Thursday, Crosschq polls the community. See the results on whether people would rather have skills, passion, or both when recruiting someone.

Crosschq Data Polls

See Why Risk-Taking in Recruitment Pays Off In Employee Growth Potential

Hiring has become formulaic for many organizations, but avoiding risk-taking in recruitment can stifle employee growth potential and cause company culture stagnation.


How to Hire Employees in 2022 and Beyond

As the second half of 2022 works its way through the aftermath of a global-crisis-driven operating environment, attracting and retaining talent remains the top priority for many business leaders.